Thursday, May 31, 2012


Well, ladies, it's the end of May and that means its 30x30 time!  WHOO HOO!  Can you tell I'm a little bit excited?!  Starting tomorrow, Jess of Animated Cardigan and I are doing the 30x30 Wardrobe Remix Challenge together (with possibly some other girls, too)!  It's a little bit different this time around, as we're only choosing clothing (not shoes, accessories, etc), and truth be told, I'm thrilled I didn't have to narrow down my, erm, large shoe collection down to a few pairs.

I tried to pick a good balance of things I've rarely (or never) worn and my fall-back favorites, so some things you'll recognize and some you won't.  I've also pretty much stuck to pattern parties on tops and dresses and solid colors on bottoms (with a few exceptions, of course).  I think that will give me more versatility, or at least that's what I'm hoping!  For the things that are patterned, I chose a variety to keep me from getting bored, so you'll see polka dots, stripes, florals.  I also tried to pick things with fun/pretty details, like sequins, crocheted collars, and ruffles to add further interest.  Anyway, below are my Official Thirty Picks:

striped tunic dress (similar) - Old Navy
ikat dress - Target
floral dress (similar) - Target
polka dot dress (similar) - Forever21+

red bicycle skirt (similar) - Target
midi chambray skirt (similar) - thrifted (hemmed shorter)
black hi-lo skirt (similar) - Forever21+
green skirt (similar) - New Look (altered from dress)

leggings (similar) - Old Navy
denim bermuda shorts (similar) - Ross
dark khaki shorts (similar) - Kohls

white tank (similar) - Forever21+
light blue tank - Target
sailboat top - Forever21+
teal tank - Target
gray ruffle tank - Old Navy
floral tank - Forever21+ 

gray lace top (similar) - Kohls
gold sequin top (similar) - ebay
floral top (similar) - Old Navy
striped top (similar) - Old Navy

chambray button-down - Old Navy
yellow polka dot top - swapped  

white cardi (similar) - Old Navy
striped cardi (similar) - Target
blue cardi (similar) - Forever21

denim vest (similar) - thrifted (altered from jacket)

Now, I have to be totally honest and tell you that I was wrestling with my 30 picks for, oh, the better part of a week.  Seriously, I kept adjusting and rearranging, and I think the items above are the best mix I could conjure up!  Here were my criteria for picking:  

1.)  Will it make me die of heat exhaustion in the middle of the Texas summer?  (Of course this was number 1, as I have to actually be alive to do this challenge, right?  RIGHT.)  If a desired piece was cotton, flowy, sleeveless, or a combo of all three, then I moved on down to #2...

2.)  Is it a bit vintage and/or girly, or can I style it that way with my other picks?  Lately I've been really drawn to the more feminine side of my style, so I'm wanting to dedicate this month to exploring the girly/vintage aesthetic.  Again, if the item made it past number 2 as well, I then asked myself...

3.)  Can I wear it at least 3 different ways and/or in 3 different outfits?  Because I like to have options.  Many options.  I'm one to pack a huge suitcase for a quick trip, I love my options so much.  So if it's a dress, can I wear it as top or a skirt, too?  If it's a shirt, will it go with skirts and pants, or can I wear it over a dress or under a cardi or vest?  Etc, etc, you catch my drift, right?  If I could answer yes to this question as well, I stuck it in my Yes Pile.  After that, I just weeded out the hangers-on and riff-raff and things that didn't quite "go". 

So, what do you think of my picks?  I can't wait to get started with this challenge, y'all!  I already have tons of outfit ideas, and I can't wait to see where the month takes me.  I hope you'll follow along, and won't get tired of seeing the same collection of pieces.  And if you want to join in the fun, Jess and I would love for you to!  Click here for more info, and don't worry if you're a bit late starting.  It's all for fun, so no worries.  :)  Oh, and if you want to see what Jess is working with this month, you can do so here


PS. If you're for sure doing the challenge, send me an email at so I can put you in the 30x30 REMIX ROUNDUP in my sidebar!  :D

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It's time for another Fatshion Faceoff!  Every week one of the girls in our group picks a specific item of clothing and we all style it in our own way.  Then on Wednesdays, we all post our outfits at the same time, and BOOM.  Fatshion Faceoff.  Awesome, right?

This week it was Hanna's turn to pick our challenge item and she chose.... shorts!  Most of the year I'm not a big shorts wearer, but as the heat descends upon us, summer leaves me little choice but to dig them out of my closet!  I wore my shorts over the holiday weekend, and paired them with a t-shirt (that I happen to love very much for soon-to-be-revealed reason). 

Lennon photo by Bob Gruen, badly Photoshopped by me
  tee (similar) - Forever21+
shorts (similar) - Old Navy
espadrilles (similar) - DSW

Also, John and I are having our own (somewhat intense) mini FF this week.  I'm pretty sure he won.

Well, that's it for the Fatshion Faceoff this week!  Make sure to clickity click on the links below to see how the other girls styled their shorts!  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that they all look waaaay more fab than me, too.  Haha!

Olivia Wait Until The Sunset
Molly Molly-Pocket
Mouna Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi Lilybobombs Lovely Lumps


PS. If you're a Beatles/Lennon fan like me, or want to know more about the photo series the above picture is from, click here

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


There's a really good chance that I'll be moving this summer, y'all.  I hate the packing and all the effort that goes into moving, but it'll be SO worth it if my commute to school goes from almost an hour down to about 5 minutes.  HA.  Anyway, today I ran out to Denton to look at a house, and this is what I wore!  Kinda casual, but still responsible looking, right?  I mean, I can't go in looking like a hard-partying college kid if I want to rent the place, right?  

cardi (similar) - Forever21
wedges (similar) - DSW

On my way home this afternoon, I made a quick stop by my local library.  I've been wanting to take pictures there for a while, but its across town and I never really go over there, other than trips to said library (which doesn't happen as often as I wish).  It's been super sunny and hot, but the shade of the trees lining the back courtyard was just the kind of light I was hoping for, especially with the sun out in full force.  The shade didn't do much for the heat though, and I almost hopped into the courtyard's huge fountain.  So tempting!


Sunday, May 27, 2012


Since this weekend marks the Official Start of Summer, I thought it would be fun to put together some fun swimsuit options for us plus-size girls.   Although, as I was browsing the offerings online, I noticed that the usual ho-hum black suits are back in full force this year.  *sigh*  That totally bummed me out, you guys!   So, I found some bright, fun, and pretty alternatives that will make us stand out in the crowd.  Why?  Because we're strong, beautiful women and we deserve to be noticed, dang it!

 One-Piece in Red & White Polkadots
Blue Gingham Bow Bikini Top and Bottoms
 One-Piece in Floral Gardenia Print 
 Navy & White Chevron Stripe One-Piece
One-Piece Retro Maillot in Hot Pink
Polka Dot Bikini Top and Bottoms
Rainbow Brights Tropical Print One-Piece

By the way, I can totally vouch for the awesomeness of the red and white polkadot suit.  I bought it last summer, and it's the best thing that's happened to me since sliced bread.  Ok, well maybe not, but I feel pretty darn amazing in it.  And I'm sure you'll be seeing it here on the blog sometime soon!

Have you already bought your summer swimsuit, or are you still looking? 


Friday, May 25, 2012


It's going to be a hot Memorial Day Weekend, y'all!  Yikes.  My bf and I spent the afternoon having a quick lunch and running errands, and I was pretty much dying the whole time.  Damn you, Texas heat!  Seriously, even though it's technically May, it feels like July. 

vest (similar) - Old Navy
tank top - thrifted
pants (only blue avail) - Gap
bag, flip flops (similar) - Aldo via Zappos
bangles, necklace (similar) - Forever21 
sunnies - RayBan
on fingers, on toes - Essie 

Have a great weekend, you guys!  :)  Will you be barbequing or partying lakeside, or doing something equally as fun?  Or will you be hanging out in the air conditioning like yours truly? 


(photos by El Boyfriendo


So, this recent post has totally inspired me to be more adventurous with my photo locations.  Even I'm getting kinda bored with my backyard pictures, so I've decided to find new places.  I've even taken Jess' advice and put my tripod in the trunk of my car and have been carrying my tiny camera around with me. 

belt (similar) - Target
bag - Aldo via Zappos
flats (similar) - Blowfish via DSW
sunnies - Ray Ban

I had to run over to the post office before closing time to mail off some shoes from my shop, so I jumped at the opportunity to take outfit pics while I was there.  It was empty in the PO box area, and there were even counters so I didn't have to run back out to my car for the tripod.  Not super exciting, the Post Office, but it worked!  Actually, I was kinda worried that someone would come around the corner and spot me taking photos, but I lucked out.  ;)


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It's time for another Fatshion Faceoff!  Every week one of the girls in our group picks a specific item of clothing and we all style it in our own way.  Then on Wednesdays, we all post our outfits at the same time, and BOOM.  Fatshion Faceoff.  Awesome, right?

This week it was Mhairi's turn to pick our challenge item and she chose.... a floral skirt!  Now, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I don't actually have any floral skirts.  But I have a few floral dresses, so I thought, heck, I can wear one of those as a skirt!  Of course, I say that to myself, and then it turns out to be super hot here in Texas.  Adding layers didn't sound so fun anymore, but I'm committed to making it work.  ;)

dress worn as skirt (similar) - Macy's
belt (similar) - Eloquii
sandals (similar) - DSW

I went with this brightly patterned floral maxi dress, and am wearing a more muted floral top over it.  I think the two floral patterns work nicely together because the one on top is small and light and lets the bottom floral really take center stage.  Adding a leather belt, dangly earrings, and a pile of stone bangles really brings together a boho-esque type look, don't you think?  And I know pattern mixing is nothing new, but do you ever pair the same type of pattern together? 

Anyway, that's it for this week's edition of Fatshion Faceoff!  Click on the links below to see how the other girls styled their skirts!  I can't wait to see what they did this week!   

Olivia Wait Until The Sunset
Molly Molly-Pocket
Mouna Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi Lilybobombs Lovely Lumps


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


That's right, folks!  It's that time when I finally throw caution to the wind and jump into the deep end.  Of my closet, that is!  Seriously, it's a disaster zone in there and my style has been all over the place lately, so isn't it high time I get things sorted out?  YES.  I think doing a 30x30 will be a great way to reevaluate what I have, what I use, and what I like. Oh yeah, and Jess and I are doing it together, too!  Seeing as we both have big birthdays in June, it seemed like destiny. Haha!

For those of you who haven't done a 30x30 Remix before, or if you're already an old pro at remixing, the challenge will be a bit different this time around.  Still based on Kendi's original plan, we've decided to include only clothing in the 30 remix items.  I don't know about you, but I'm super excited that I don't have to narrow down what shoes and accessories to pick, because that would be near impossible for me.

Anyway, we're starting on June 1st and we'd love for you to join us!  If 30 outfits for 30 days straight is a bit overwhelming, have no worries.  Feel free to take your time and do the challenge at your own pace.  Jess is taking weekends off, and I'm taking days off for the Fatshion Faceoff (and maybe weekends too, we'll see!), so we'll both end sometime in early July.  If you want to join us, this is what you do:

* pick 30 items of clothing (not including shoes, accessories, etc)
* make 30 outfits
* and that's it!

If you're still not sure and want to read about Jess' previous 30x30's, click here and here (this is my first remix challenge, so I have no advice to offer, whoops!).  Otherwise, we'll see you on June 1st, riiiight?  RIGHT!  ;)

Oh, and Jess will be posting a 30x30 blog button thing for those of us that want one (like me), but I will let y'all know when it's available.  :)


Monday, May 21, 2012


Today's guest post is by one of my favorite bloggers, Jess of Animated Cardigan!  She has impeccable style and an even more impressive collection of fabulous skirts and cardigans that I wouldn't mind stealing, er, borrowing..  ;)  But part of what really keeps me coming back to her blog are the photographs.  She's able to capture daily outfits in a way that goes beyond just snapping pictures of what she's wearing.  Her pictures are like little windows into her life, her hobbies, and her awesomeness.  In the post below, Jess shares with us some ways to start taking better self-portraits.  See, told you she was awesome.  :)  Happy snapping, and thank you, Jess, for contributing!

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to talk about self-portraiture today! I can honestly say that my demeanor in front of the camera is SO different now than when it was two years ago, when I first started my blog. I used to be extremely uncomfortable in front of the camera, but my blog and taking self-portraits has changed the entire way I act and feel in front of the lens. It's nothing short of a miracle! So here are some tips I follow to make my self-portraits the best I can.


This is so important, you guys. One of the best things about self-portraiture is that you don't have to worry about anyone else, but at the same time, usually no one is around to worry about you either. If you're going anywhere off the beaten path (and probably even if you aren't) take your phone and keys with you. Keep your phone on you if possible. Be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts--if you think it seems even more sketchy than you're used to, don't do it. Find somewhere else!


Scout, scout, scout. Always have an eye peeled for new locations! When I can, I take different routes home from work. I check out local parks. I seek out dilapidated buildings. Sometimes if I'm going on a trip somewhere outside of my daily routes, I take the opportunity to seek out a new place for pictures. It can be really easy to fall into the rut of taking pictures in your hallway or deck, but the more locations you have, the more incentive there is to go out and take pictures. One thing I find that helps a lot is to keep my tripod in my car. I haul my camera everywhere anyway so I'm always ready!


Whatever equipment you use, know it inside out and use the features provided to you when you can. I personally own a Canon Rebel T3, this tripod, this remote, and most of the time I use a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens. Now, that may or may not mean a lot to you, and that's fine! 

I honestly think that the most important part of the self-photographer's arsenal (aside from a camera, of course) is a tripod. Fancy lenses, high tech cameras, etc. can all come later, but first and foremost, invest in a tripod. Get something sturdy with adjustable legs so you can take pictures on uneven ground. I highly, highly recommend a tripod with a ball head so you can adjust the angle of the camera to literally anything you want. I learned the hard way how important a tripod is--I originally used the roof of my car for pictures, and waaaaay back in February 2010 a gust of wind blew my camera off my car and into the hard floor of a parking garage. I was blessed with a permanent vignette in the corner because the lens was slammed out of alignment. That DAY I went home and bought a tripod, and I've never had a crash or collapse since.

A remote is a really, really good investment too, especially if you want to get into action shots or have more control over natural movement. I like my remote a lot because it has an autofocus feature akin to most cameras--I press the trigger halfway and it autofocuses the lens, and when I push all the way, it releases the shutter. I love it, though I admit, I'm one of those people who hates seeing remotes in pictures so I try really hard to always hide mine behind my back or in a pocket. I have even taken pictures with my lips! Classy, I know.


If you don't know anything about photographic composition, don't worry! It's easy to read up on the rules and put them into practice. A few of the key rules of thumb specifically for self-portraiture are the rule of thirds, balancing, and framing the subject. I could spend hours talking about composition and how amazing the rule of thirds is, and if you look at my pictures, I employ the rule of thirds about 80% of the time. But one of the best things about self-portraiture--being the photographer, the model, the editor--is that you can decide when to break the rules. For portraits of the top half of my body, especially if I look awesome that day, I like to do a shot of myself dead center. It's commanding. But if I feel shy that day, maybe I'll stand off to the side of the photograph, perhaps so far out of frame that you only catch part of me. Composition can really affect how a viewer feels about  or comprehends the goal of a photograph.


I used to think SOOC (straight out of camera) was THE way to go. I scoffed at post-processing. Probably because I didn't have Photoshop and, The Gimp and Aviary were too hard for me to figure out. But as I've put more effort into my photos, I've realized the post-processing process (the PPP) is really integral to to the story of my pictures, kind of like the sequel to composition. I, like many others, used Flickr's embedded editor Picnik until it shut down, and for school work I use Seashore, which is a Mac app similar to the offerings of For my blog photos, though, I use Pixlr Express, which came highly recommended by Meredith of boss report about two weeks before Picnik shuttered, and I love it. It's flexible and very user friendly, but it isn't watered down. There's a lot of power in this browser-based editing system, and it's great. My actual PPP is to:

a) scrub out any really bad acne on my face in Seashore, because I have no shame, except in the quality of my skin
b) crop as necessary (I try to frame and shoot pictures I can put straight on the blog but sometimes cropping is beneficial, esp. with background stuff)
c) add a vintage filter (I like Nash) at 30%, just enough to wash out the colour a bit
d) add the rounded edge border

And then I'm ready to upload to Flickr, write my HTML (yeah, old school) and write my post!

So those are my top five rules for self-portraiture. There's also the obvious stuff like wear clothes, practice posing, have fun, etc. And don't give up! One thing about self-photography is that it takes practice. Take a deep breath, stand tall, and have fun!

- Jess

Make sure to click on over to Animated Cardigan to say hi to Jess and see more of her amazing photographs!  :)

(all photos provided by Jess of Animated Cardigan)

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Thank you to everyone on Tumblr who helped me pick out my dress for date night last night!  My lacy blue dress was the crowd favorite, so that's what I went with!  My boyfriend and I were having a casual dinner out, so I tried to keep my dress a bit casual as well.  Brown accessories and loose waves seemed the way to go.  :) 

dress (similar) - Forever21+
necklace - Marc by Marc Jacbos

Anyway, it was a great night out, and a long-time coming!  We hadn't been on a for-real date in months, and it was nice to spend quality time together out and about.  Cue the "awwwwws".  LOL

Oh, and just in case you want a blue lace dress of your own, the one I'm wearing is sold out on Forever21+ but the "similar" dress above is an almost exact replica.  So make sure to grab it before its sold out!  :)


(photos by El Boyfriendo)  

Friday, May 18, 2012


I thought it would be fun to do a little something different on the blog today and share with y'all the makeup products that give me the everyday look I usually wear.  Scroll on down past the pretty picture to learn more about my favorite everyday products, along with tips and tricks if you want to try one of them.  :)

1. Revlon Colorstay Foundation Normal/Dry Skin (Ivory) I use the Real Techniques stipling brush to get a nice, smooth base.  I don’t use a lot, just enough to even things out, with maybe a little extra on trouble spots. 

2. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Eden)  I use this on my eyelids to prep for eyeshadow and make it last all day.  I also have really bad dark circles, so I also blend a tiny bit of the primer potion under my eyes as well.  I just use my fingers to apply it, carefully blending it.  I find that it really helps the concealer stick and keeps it from creasing, and I can always tell when I forget to apply this under my eyes.

3. Revlon Colorstay Blemish Concealer (Fair)  I use this on dark circles as well as on blemishes.  I think it has a tiny bit of reflection to it, and it seems to really lighten things up.  It has a nice texture as well and blends blemishes away.  Again, I prefer using a finger to apply this instead of a brush. 

4. Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Illuminating Mineral Veil (universal shade)  I use my powder brush to apply this light powder, and it sets my makeup perfectly.  It also has highlighting properties that look really pretty.

5. Benefit Blush (Dandelion)  A really great everyday pink blush, especially for those of us with light skin.  A little goes a long way, its very blendable and lasts all day.  It’s expensive for a blush, but I bought it months ago and have barely put a dent in it, it lasts that long.  If you like more pop or have darker skin, Coralista is a great color that I've also used.  I really love Benefit blushes because you can keep building up the color without it looking ridiculous.  :)

6. Benefit High Beam  I don’t use this highlighter every day, usually only when I remember!  But it’s really great and definitely gives me a pretty highlight when do I use it.  I just dot it on the areas I want glowy with the applicator, blend lightly with a finger, and viola!  I have a mini size that came with a Benefit combo pack thing, so if you don’t think you’ll use it often, that’s a good way to go. 

7. Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette  I LOVE this palette.  If you don’t have it, get it.  It’s pricey, but every color is gorgeous.  Seriously, you can use these colors every single day and still have tons of wearable day and night looks.  It’s really that versatile.  I use it for eyeshadow, and if I have time, for my brows as well.  I have blonde hair, and I find the Naked shade to be a great match for me and it lasts all day.  I apply it on my brows with a stiff brow brush.  For eyeshadow, I usually wear the light to medium shades during the day, and add a bit of a darker color if I’m going out at night.  My favorite eyeshadow brushes to apply these with are the base shadow and deluxe crease brushes that come in the Real Techniques starter set.  The crease brush is excellent at blending and does the work for you (especially helpful when you are as blending challenged as I am).

8. Benefit Speed Brow (universal shade)  This brow product works well, although it’s expensive and I don’t know if I would buy it again.  But it has a little bit of tint, which is nice, and it holds my brows in place all day without feeling sticky or stiff.

9. Almay Intense i-Color Eyeliner (Brown Topaz)  Probably my favorite eyeliner.  It’s a gorgeous shade of brown, not super dark, but almost like a brown-copper color.  It has a tiny bit of shimmer that just seems to make my blue eyes pop, especially when used with the brown shades in the Naked Palette.  I apply, smudge a bit, and reapply for a bit of extra definition.  Super easy, right? 

10. Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Waterproof Mascara (Very Black)  A really great everyday mascara.  It defines my lashes and makes them fabulous, without any clumps.  I love that it’s waterproof (really!) and you can never go wrong with very black.  I usually do a couple of coats. 

11. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Eyeliner (Black)  Sometimes I use this instead of the Almay brown eyeliner if I want to have a more dramatic look.  But usually I rim the upper waterline (under my top lashes) to make my lashes pop.  The extra hint of black fills in any gaps there may be between my lashes, while also giving a bit of contrast with the brown eye makeup and my blue eyes.  And it lasts freaking forever, without smudging.  Love.

12. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm (Rose) When I'm not wearing lipstick, it’s this balm that’s on my lips.  It looks dark in the packaging, but it goes on sheer with a little pop of subtle color.  I think it would really work for anyone’s skin tone, actually.

So, that's my usual day-to-day makeup routine!  It seems like a lot of steps and products, but it doesn't take me more than 10 minutes or so.  Which is super fast for a whole day of feeling pulled together, don't you think?  :)  What are your favorite makeup products? 


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It's time for another Fatshion Faceoff!  Every week one of the girls in our group picks a specific item of clothing and we all style it in our own way.  Then on Wednesdays, we all post our outfits at the same time, and BOOM.  Fatshion Faceoff.  Awesome, right?

This week it was Mouna's turn to pick our challenge item and she chose.... a scarf!  Cool because I have like a bazillion scarves, not so cool because, well, it's hot here in Texas!  Eeek!  I only have stuff to do around the house today, so I decided to go a bit vintagey and try the whole scarf-in-my-hair thing.  :) 


Floral print shoes AND a flowery ring? YES PLEASE!  :)
Just FYI, I was born between the Hollywood film camera and the pink flowers just east.  Oh yeah.  :D

scarf (similar) - vintage (via ebay)
chambray shirt (similar) - Old Navy
shorts (similar) - Gap
belt - same as yesterday

Well, I think wrinkly shorts aside, this look came out pretty cute!  It's like the Murphy's Law of fashion, if it CAN wrinkle, it WILL.  Oh well!  I guess it helps that my midriff and great smile are there to distract you from my lackluster ironing skillz.  ;)

Anywhoo, clickity click on the links below to see how the other Fatshion Faceoff girls styled their scarves!  I can't wait to see what they did this week!   

Olivia Wait Until The Sunset
Molly Molly-Pocket
Mouna Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi Lilybobombs Lovely Lumps


Tuesday, May 15, 2012


And the New Look swallow print dress finally makes it's official debut here on the blog!  A few months ago, Hanna was awesome enough to pick this up and send it to me.  I've worn it several times already, but for whatever reason, hadn't done a post about it.  I had time today to take pictures, so here it is!  :) 

dress (similar) - New Look
necklace (similar) - Forever21
belt off a skirt (similar) - Target

This is one of my favorite dresses because it's super comfy, super cute, and I can just throw it on and go.  Do you have a easy-to-wear dress of your own?