Sunday, June 30, 2013

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While at the Evans Fall '13 preview event, I also got to check out some of the upcoming Dorothy Perkins Fall line. The event was amazing, and it was so cool to finally see a lot of pieces by the brands in person. A lot of the time, the UK brands seem trendier and more "my style" than the US brands, and I get a little jealous of my friends. But then I remember I have the internet and can order things, lol. 

Anyway, I always love what Dorothy Perkins does, and their selection for Fall looks like it won't disappoint. With gorgeous details, bold prints, and bejeweled pieces, how could I not be in love? I took pictures so you could swoon, too. 

I think what we have here is another case of Dani-will-take-one-of-everything-please-ok-thankyou. Seriously, how freaking cute is that leopard skirt? And gray jeweled sweatshirt, don't even get me started. The navy and black floral tracksuit is pretty darn fly, too. Would you wear any of the pieces above? 


Saturday, June 29, 2013


While in NYC last week, I was lucky to meet the gorgeous and super sweet Claire and Carina from the Evans team. We kept running into them at different events, and they were kind enough to invite Hanna and I to the Evans press event. Needless to say, we happily accepted! I was really glad we were able to see the new offerings that Evans has planned for Fall and I can't wait for them to come available for purchase. 

Along with the upcoming Evans line, we also got to preview pieces from the Collection by Evans, Scarlett & JoLive Unlimited, and the Clements Ribeiro Swan collection. Lets just say that we have lots of luxe details, intricate beadwork, bold prints, and beautiful textures and knits to look forward to when the summer wears away. I took a few pictures so you could enjoy a sneak peek, too. ;)

I'm really loving the beadwork and lace that kept popping up throughout the event, especially in the deep hunter green top above. Isn't it gorgeous? The lace sleeved moto jacket pictured above was also a show-stopper. Are there any pieces above that catch your eye?


Friday, June 28, 2013


sunnies: RayBan via Zappos

Scarlett & Jo was nice enough to send me a couple of gorgeous dresses to wear at Full Figured Fashion Week, and this maxi is the first one I'll be posting about. The color is a beautiful shade of purple, and I love the multicolored embellishments on the shoulders. Usually criss-cross front dresses gape open across my bust, but this dress is the only one I've ever tried that didn't need any help staying modest. I wish the length of the dress was a few inches longer, but other than that, I really can't find any fault with it. It's floaty and comfortable, a great maxi dress option for the summer! Thank you so much Scarlett & Jo! :) 


(outfit piccys taken by Hanna)

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Last Thursday, us Fatshion Faceoff girls attended the Torrid blogger event and fall fashion preview, hosted by Jessica Kane. We got to check out the new offerings that Torrid will be releasing for fall, and let me tell you, I want it all! They premiered a new line of super soft jeggings that are amaze, gorgeous blazers in cool, funky prints (leopard anyone??), and new plunge bras in bright colors with pretty trims. My favorite piece from the preview was an army green military vest with studs on the shoulders and a drawstring waist detail (to accentuate curves, of course!). You can check out the pics below, and if you scroll all the way down, my outfit for the event might be waiting for you. ;)

sunnies: RayBan via Zappos
vest (similar): thrifted/diy'd
bag: gift from Mouna (thank you again, babe!)
arm band: selfmade
cuffs: Forever21, selfmade
rings (here, similar): ASOS, Torrid, selfmade
shoes (also in wide fit): Payless

The event was so much fun, and I'd really like to send Torrid a huge thank you for inviting me! It was great to preview the upcoming styles and see so many familiar and friendly faces at the event. :) 


**This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to the event by Torrid and only able to attend because I was already in NYC for FFFW. :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hey babes! It's Wednesday and time once again for the Fatshion Faceoff! This week our challenge was picked by Olivia, and she chose... a high-waisted skirt! I'm really short-waisted, so that means all skirts have a tendency to look high on me, especially elastic banded ones like the one I'm wearing in today's post! A bit of backstory: the evening these pictures were taken, Hanna and I found ourselves wandering around the city, finding the Flatiron Building and eating the most delicious pizza I've ever tasted. 

glasses: c/o GlassesUSA
tank: thrifted
sweater (similar in blue): Torrid
rings (here, similar): Torrid, ASOS
skirt (cute in black): GAP
bag: Forever21
kicks (similar): Converse via DSW

Hey, guess what I just realized!? This is my 300th post here on DIYFATSHION! How super exciting is that? I really can't believe I've posted so much here, or that y'all have been interested this long, lol. Let's keep it going though, ok? I'll keep wearing sparkly things and you keep being totes amaze readers, yeah? And as a thank you and celebration for your awesomeness, I'll do a special giveaway in the the next week or so. Any suggestions on what you might like to win? ;)

Anyway, now back to business! You've seen my take on a high-ish-waisted skirt, so make sure to check out the other FF babes! I'm sure they're rocking it this week! 

Olivia Wait Until the Sunset (Australia)
Mouna Brussels Fatshion (Belgium)
Mhairi Lilybobombs Lovely Lumps (UK)


(outfit pics taken by Hanna and NY pics by me)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Wednesday was my fourth full day of FFFW, and Hanna and I spent the morning at the Lane Bryant Blogger's Conference. We mingled with other bloggers, saw a preview of the Fall '13 offerings and I wore a sparkly skirt. I received a bunch of compliments about the skirt, so I thought I should show it to you, too. :) (Also, you can read more about the LB event in a previous post here.) 

earrings (similar) - Marc by Marc Jacobs
top (similar) - Primark via Hanna
bag (similar) - Mulberry via Net-a-porter
bangles - Forever21, selfmade
rings - selfmade

After the LB event, Hanna and I headed back to the Upper East Side to relax and put our feet up for a bit. Let me tell ya, my feet were already feeling the burn by midweek (hence the sandals above). Like, when planning for this trip, I knew there would be a crap-ton of walking every day, but I totally overestimated my feet's bounce-back capabilities. Whoops! :D Anyway, after hanging out for a bit, we had to get ready for the evening event, the White Cruise. I'll do another post for that, as it'll probably be somewhat picture heavy. Talk to you soon! (outfit pictures taken by Hanna)


(outfit pictures taken by Hanna)

Sunday, June 23, 2013


This past Wednesday was the Lane Bryant Blogger Conference. They opened their flagship Herald's Square store early for us so we could browse the offerings and mingle with fellow bloggers. It was amazing to chat with people I've only known online, like Georgette and Rebecca. (Both as lovely and nice in person as they are online!) After the store, we walked over to the Affinia Manhattan where we were given a delicious lunch and got a sneak peek of  the Fall '13 collection. (I'm particularly in love with a utility shirt dress they showed us!) Below are some pictures from the event. :)