Saturday, December 28, 2013


sunnies: RayBan via Zappos
scarf (similar): Forever21
sweater: Hive & Honey via Piperlime 
boots (similar): Duo 

That last photo is what happens when your boyfriend tells you to do a "running pose" when he's taking pictures of you for your blog. I think he's referring to the streetstyle poses where the girls look like they're walking, but I'm afraid to ask. I was just happy he took a few pics for me so I didn't have to drag out the tripod. :D


(photos taken by El Boyfriendo)

Friday, December 27, 2013


I visited my first brewery today! We drove up to the Yuengling (sounds like ying-ling) brewery in Pottsville, PA., and it did not disappoint. It's the oldest brewery in the US and has been housed in the same building way up in the mountains since 1831. That's just crazy cool. The beer was really good (we got samples!), but honestly, the building itself was my favorite part. Of course while I was taking pictures during our tour, I kept finding myself distracted by the building and all its little quirks. I just really love the details found in old places, like doors filled in with non-matching bricks and cracks in old glass. I think that's why I like coming back East so much, there's just so much American history everywhere you look and you can see and feel the age of places. Way more than you can in suburban Texas anyway. ;) 

So, I wanted to share some of the details from our visit today that caught my eye, and hopefully you guys don't mind too much! But since this is primarily a fashion blog, I also took a few quick pictures of the outfit I wore. Nothing too fancy, and definitely comfy shoes. :)

swanky wristband, whutwhut
The building sits right up against a mountain, and this huge beer-aging cave was hand-dug into the rock. Federal agents bricked over the cave entrances during Prohibition, but the brewery was still able produce porter beer because it was considered "medicinal" if you had a prescription. Soooo glad that isn't the case today. :D
A gorgeous, and totally unexpected, stained glass ceiling above the brew tanks.
Lid to a brew tank. Maybe its just me, but it kinda reminds me of a Dalek, amirite?
Where the magic happens.
I just really liked this old ladder, mkay? :D
A wall of old glass.
More old glass and bits of aged window caulking.
Today was a canning day, but these conveyors transport bottles, too.

Zoom zoom!

shirt: random mall store
bracelet: CC Skye
pink wristband: c/o Yuengling, Pottsville
jeans (similar): c/o Dots 
flats: BCBG via DSW 


(outfit photos by El Boyfriendo)

Thursday, December 26, 2013


sunnies: RayBan via Zappos
earrings (similar): Marc by Marc Jacobs
cardigan (similar): Dots
top (similar): Target
black skinnies (similar): c/o Dots
boots (similar): Duo

These geese decided to swing by overhead as I was taking pictures today! I thought they looked pretty against the blue sky, so I took their pictures, too. They didn't seem to mind. My outfit kind of coordinated with them color-wise, too, if you think of my shirt as the blue of the sky. Even my earrings matched, lol! Totally unplanned, but a fun coincidence. 

Later, as we were out and about doing some errands, I saw them again, this time maxin' and relaxin' in a field. Lazy birds. I really wanted to go run through the field and make them all take flight again, but my boyfriend said that wouldn't be nice and they might chase after me instead. The kid was in the backseat and laughed at the idea of hundreds of birds chasing after and honking at his mom. Needless to say, he hasn't seen The Birds. O__O


Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Brrrrr!! It was cold today! :)

sunnies: RayBan via Zappos
scarf (similar): Forever21
cardigan (similar): Old Navy
flats: BCBG via DSW

Merry Christmas, you guys! I hope you all had a wonderful day and got to spend it with the people you love. Our day was pretty quiet, we just sorta hung out at home and enjoyed each others' company. :) Later in the day though, I got busy and made the boyfriend/kid's favorite meal, chicken enchiladas. We (i.e. they) have since decided that enchiladas will be our new Christmas dinner tradition, lol. What family traditions do you have? 



As you all know, I'm currently in Pennsylvania (for two weeks!) and I wanted to share the clothes I packed! I'm definitely an overpacker by nature, so I was really trying to reign it in this trip. My hope was to get all my things in just a carry-on, but those darn bulky sweaters and fab boots kept me from my goal. What is winter without great boots and cozy sweaters, ya know? Gotta live it up while I can before I have to head back to Texas! ;) (Of course, I also packed a few accessories and pajamas and all that stuff, but figured y'all didn't need to see that stuff in the collage, lol.)
Anyway, I definitely like to layer up when it gets cold, so the sweater and cardigans were a must. Plus, I'll be able to switch them out to create new looking outfits so I don't get bored. I tried to keep the rest of the items simple, from plain dresses/tunics that I can layer over tights or leggings, and a variety of tops for any sort of occasions that might pop up while I'm here. What do you think? Did I do a good job? I did major outfit pre-planning and came up with 30+ combinations for the pieces above, and I'll be posting outfits throughout my trip. Over time, we'll all be able to see the reality of how well (or not!) my packing went. For reference, I'll keep a running tab of the outfit posts below. :)


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //

PS: I tried my best to find the exact items I packed on Polyvore, but couldn't find them all. Some of the items above are very similar to items I actually packed, though. :)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


sunnies: RayBan via Zappos
necklace (similar): JustFab
sweater (on mega sale!): Old Navy
boots (similar): Duo

Well, you guys, it's Christmas Eve and I'm here in Pennsylvania! I love coming back East for the holidays. The crisp wintery air, the super tall trees, and my boyfriend's family make it one of my favorite places to visit. I only wish we could come back more often! We're planning on going into the city a bit this trip, and we're thinking about hitting up the Philadelphia Museum of Art and seeing Independence Hall and the Declaration of Independence. If you're in the area, what else would you recommend we go do/see? My boyfriend is from Philly, but has seen and done just about everything and has no real opinions about any of it, lol. Except for maybe cheesesteaks. He probably cares about those. 

By the way, I just have to mention that my favorite boot seller, Duo Boots, is having an amazing sale right now! Up to 50% off tons of great, made-to-fit-your-calf boots are yours for the taking. I've been eyeing these Beatty and Laurel pairs. 


Sunday, December 22, 2013


Hey y'all, long time no see! Sorry about the unexpected absence here on the blog, school was crazy and I've been slowly decompressing from the stress of the semester. Only one more to go til graduation, you guys! Woot! Anyway, I'm traveling back to Philly to spend the holidays with the boyfriend's family, and I thought it would be fun to share what I'm packing beauty-wise.

How great is this palette that Studio Gear sent me to review? It's their Holiday palette and I'm pretty dang impressed by it. I like that it has the basic colors for a smokey eye but that the shades aren't too overwhelming for my fair skin. There are four shimmery eyeshadows, including a frosty white (great for highlighting), a gold, silver, and a dark gray. It also comes with a gorgeous blush that I would say is somewhere-between-peachy-and-coral. Overall, this little palette is perfect for traveling and gives you multiple wearing combinations. Readers of can use the code SGHOLIDAY for 10% off. :)

What are your travel beauty essentials? :) Have you tried any of mine? If not, you can shop my picks below: 


**The Studio Gear Palette was gifted to me for review. As always, all opinions are honest and my own.** 

Sunday, December 1, 2013


You guys, Thanksgiving is behind us and it's finally the Christmas season! Yay, I'm so excited! I love everything about Christmas-time, the twinkly lights strung throughout the neighborhood, my favorite cookies that my mom bakes for me every year, going back east and playing in the (hopefully!) snow, and searching out just the right gifts for my favorite folks. I'm one of those people that definitely loves giving gifts way more than receiving them, and the hunt for just the right present to give is almost as fun for me as seeing the person's face when they finally open it, lol. 

Blue Nile contacted me about the new feature on their page that helps you find the perfect sparkly presents for your favorite people, so I thought I would share it with you! It's called "Leave Nothing to Chance" and it's a quiz application that asks you questions about your gift-ee (or yourself), then produces a fashion personality infographic with gift suggestions. As an added bonus, when you finish the quiz, you're also entered to win a giveaway for a three-carat diamond tennis bracelet (valued at $4500)! How amaze is that!? Blue Nile was also nice enough to also sponsor a giveaway here on the blog for two $50 giftcards, so make sure to enter to win one at the end of this post. Anyway, I took the quiz for myself, and here are my results.. 

Pretty spot on, amirite?! Here's the items it suggested for me, should anyone want to do a bit of pressie shopping.. ;)

I have to admit, I'm not really one for pearls (even though they are one of my "birthstones"), but everything else I'd happily wear! Who doesn't like big, sparkly diamonds, right? ;)

Anyway, the Leave Nothing to Chance app is helpful and the questions are a fun and a bit tongue-in-cheek. A couple of them definitely made me giggle! You can try the app out for yourself here, then come back here to enter the giveaway for one of two $50 giftcards! The giveaway is open internationally, but please check here to make sure Blue Nile ships to your country. On Sunday, December 8th, I'll use Rafflecopter to draw two winners at random, each of whom will win one of the giftcards. 

Blue Nile is also giving readers of DIYFATSHION a 10% off discount code to use on thru Dec. 31st. The code is BNAPP2013. Blue Nile is also offering free FedEx shipping for the holidays (see more info).

a Rafflecopter giveaway


**This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Blue Nile. I was compensated in exchange for sharing the new Leave Nothing to Chance app. The giftcards and discount code are provided by Blue Nile. As always, all opinions are honest and my own.**